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Tungsten have the advantages of high melting point, excellent performance at elevated temperature, low electrical resistivity, lower thermal expansion, low work function of electron emission and low vapor pressure, etc., which make tungsten materials be used widely in high temperature field.
Large Tungsten Tube, Machined Die-Plate used as heating elements for quartz continuous melting furnace and high temperature furnaces.
TLWM supplies all kinds of Tungsten tube and the parts for quartz continuous melting furnace (including Machined Die-Plate.)
Diameter(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
30~50 8~10 <1300
50~100 8~15
100~150 10~15
150~200 12~20
200~300 15~20
300~400 15~30
400~450 15~30
450~550 15~30

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