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TZM is a particle-strengthened molybdenum based alloy containing titanium, zirconium and carbon. TZC is an improvement of TZM and has good heat treatment hardening effect.

Advantages of TZM compared to pure molybdenum:
  • Above 1100°C tensile strength is about twice that of unalloyed molybdenum
  • Better creep resistance
  • Higher recrystallization temperature
  • Better welding properties.

TZM is widely used in the aerospace, aviation and other industries. It could be used as nozzle material, valve body, gas piping materials, tubes in the gate material, die casting molds, extrusion dies and high temperature furnace heating element and heat shield etc.

General Properties:
  • Density: 10.16 g/cc at 20°C
  • Recrystallization Temperature: 1425 to 1595°C
  • Stress-Relief Temperature: 1 hour at 1095 to 1260°C
  • Liquidus Temperature: 2620°C
Chemical Composition:
  • TZM: Mo + 0.40~0.55%Ti + 0.06~0.12%Zr + 0.01~0.04% C
  • TZC: Mo + 1.2% Ti + 0.3% Zr + 0.1% C
TLWM offers all kinds of TZM/TZC rods, plates and fabricated parts according to customers' drawings.

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