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Product Brief Introduction:
Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point(3,410℃, 6,192oF), lowest vapor pressure (at temperatures above,650℃, 3,000oF) and the highest tensile strength. It is the ideal material for ultra high temperature and high vacuum applications.

Tungsten has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of any pure metals, its CTE matches well with semiconductor materials, such as, Si, GaN, GaAs, Al2O3, and it is stable at high temperature, make it the ideal material for electronic packaging and seals.

Tungsten has a lower electrical resistivity than other refractory metals, but it will increase with temperature, this property is critical for high temperature furnace applications.

Also remarkable is its high density of 19.3 times that of water, Tungsten and its alloys, W-Ni-Cu or W-Ni-Fe has several advantages: high density ( 17.0-18.5g/cm3 ), good machinability, high modulus of elasticity and high absorption capacity x-rays and γ-rays.

Product Properties:
Density: 19.3g/cm3
Melting Poing: 3410 ℃
CTE (20-2000℃): 4.67μm.m-1.k-1
Thermal Conductivity: 167 W.m.m-1.k-1
Pure tungsten products are widely used for Furnace parts,Semiconductor Base Plates, Components for Electron Tubes, Emission Cathodes for Electron Beam Evaporation, Cathodes and Anodes for Ion Implantation, Tubes / Boats for Sintering of Capacitors, Targets for X-ray Diagnostics, Crucibles, Heating Elements, X-ray Radiation Shielding, Sputtering Targets and Electrodes.

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