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Product Brief Introduction:
Molybdenum is similar to Tungsten, with melting point of 2,620 ℃(4,753oF), a little lower than tungsten. The elongation ability is better than Tungsten, and it is easier to make the thin wires and thin foils.

It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of any pure metals, its CTE matches well with semiconductor materials, such as, Si, GaN, GaAs, Al2O3.

Product Properties:
Density: 10.2g/cm3
Melting Poing: 2620 ℃
CTE (20-2000℃): 4.9μm.m-1.k-1
Thermal Conductivity: 138 W.m.m-1.k-1

Similar applications with Tungsten。

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