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Thoriated Tungsten is the most commonly used tungsten in America and some other countries and is a good general use tungsten. Especially, it performs well when overloaded with extra amperage. However,since it is a low-level radioactive hazard many users have switched to other alternatives. This tungsten is used primarily for DC welding of carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium,etc..
Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content% Tungsten Content% Color Sign
Category Content%
WT10 ThO2 0.80~1.2 <0.20 Balance Yellow
WT20 ThO2 1.70~2.20 <0.20 Balance Red
WT30 ThO2 2.80~3.20 <0.20 Balance Violet
WT40 ThO2 3.80~4.20 <0.20 Balance Orange

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