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Electronic packaging refers to the enclosure of integrated circuit chips, passive devices, the fabrication of circuit cards and the production of a final product or system. Packaging is important for signal and power transmission, heat dissipation, electromagnetic interference shielding and protection from environmental factors such as moisture, contamination, hostile chemicals and radiation.

Heat dissipation is an unavoidable by-product of micropower electronic devices and circuit. The heat sink helps to dissipate (remove) the heat by transferring it to the surrounding air. Heat sink is physically designed to increase the surface area in contact with the cooling air surrounding it.


Tungsten copper is one of the most popular refractory metal based heat sink materials. It was fabricated from carefully controlled porous tungsten that is vacuum infiltrated with molten copper. By adjusting the content of tungsten, we can design its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), matching that of the materials, such as Ceramics(Al2O3, BeO), Semiconductors(Si), and metals(Kovar), etc.


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