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ATTL Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (ATTL), consolidation of Beijing Tian-Long Tungsten & Molybdenum Co., Ltd. and Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.(AT&M), is a leading global manufacturer of high performance refractory metal products...   More

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Tungsten Products:
Powder, Flux, Rods, Plates, Sheets, Crucibles, Tubes, Sputtering Targets, Tungsten Copper Composites, Tungsten Heavy Alloys, Parts for Industrial Furnaces, Tungsten Fabricated Partsspacer More...More...More...
Molybdenum Products:
Powder, Rods, Plates, Sheets, Crucibles, Tubes, Sputtering Targets, TZM & TZC Alloys, Parts for Industrial Furnaces, Molybdenum Fabricated Parts  More...More...More...
Tungsten Electrodes for TIG Welding:
Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes, Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes, Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes, Zirconiated Tungsten Electrodes, Pure Tungsten & Composite Electrodesspacer More...More...More...

Heat Sinks of Electronic Packaging:
Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tungsten Copper Composite, Molybdenum Copper, Cu/Mo/Cu(CMC), Cun/MoCu/Cu(CPC), Glid Copper, Oxygen-free Copper(OFC), Low CTE Alloysspacer MoreMoreMore
Recommended Products

Hotzone Parts in Sapphire Grower
Offers full set hot zone in the sapphire grower and all the tungsten, molybdenum components used in hot zone including: tungsten crucibles, molybdenum crucibles, heaters, tungsten tubes, heat insulation screens, supports, covers etc.

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Tungsten Crucibles, Molybdenum Crucibles, Tungsten Parts for Industrial Furnaces, Molybdenum Parts for Industrial Furnaces

Applications Links:
Hotzone in Sapphire Grower
Typical Applications
 arrow Hot-zone in Sapphire Grower

 arrow Quartz Continuous Melting Furnace

 arrow High Temperature Furnaces

 arrow Radiation Shielding

 arrow Ion Implantation

 arrow Balancing Weights

 arrow Sputtering Targets

 arrow Electrodes for TIG & Resistance Welding

 arrow Electronic Packaging Materials & Heat Sinks

 arrow Electric Light Source & Electrovacuum

 arrow ITER Project

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